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Services Provided:

  • Basic Design
  • Contract/Regulatory Design
  • Detailed/Production Design


The award-winning Expeditionary Craft (E-Craft) named M/V Susitna, measuring 59 meters in length and capable of carrying 20 vehicles, was constructed at Alaska Ship & Drydock for the Office of Naval Research.


The design of the E-Craft incorporates lift technology that will allow the ferry to change from the Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull (SWATH) mode to barge mode by lowering or raising its center deck. The revolutionary E-Craft is a unique design developed by GPA from a concept created by Lockheed Martin.


The Susitna will operate as a ferry in Alaskan waters while being assessed by the Office of Naval Research (ONR) to determine its potential effectiveness as a military vessel.
The M/V Susitna embodies five new technologies. Among them is the fact that it is the world’s first icebreaking SWATH; and the world’s first ship able to make the transition from a high speed SWATH hull to a shallow bargetype – and back again.

The ABS-certified E-Craft was delivered at the end of 2010.


Spec Sheet