Ideas engineered into Reality!

Over 150 offshore vessels in service
or under construction in the last 10 years

Since the delivery of the first GPA-designed offshore vessel in 2004, GPA has established the position as one of the leaders in the design of next-generation offshore vessels for renowned operators such as Bourbon Offshore, Jackson Offshore Operators, Rigdon Marine, Gulfmark, Astromarítima Navegação S.A. and Starnav Serviços Marítimos.

Innovative solutions for various
workboat needs

GPA continually invests in the development of different types of workboats, such as tugboats, fireboats, research vessels and pilot boats for local and international operators.

Wide range of different types
of passenger vessels

Throughout GPA’s existence, we have developed various unique passenger vessel designs, ranging from casino vessels to cruise and excursion vessels, as well as yachts and ferries.

GPA made a name for itself as one of the
key players in the US fishing market

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, GPA became heavily engaged in the design of vessels for the then fast-expanding global fishing vessel fleet. GPA quickly gained a notable reputation as a leading designer of factory trawlers and other types.


Quarterly Newsletter 1/2014

August 2014

Marine News 100 - North America's 100 leading companies serving
the North American shallow draft market.

July 2014

Tug & OSV - Brazilian Focus

Practical Solutions for these changing times

July 2014

Guido Perla Design Fast Supply Vessels for Mexico

May 2014

US Navy's AGOR 27
R/V Neil Armstrong Makes a Splash


A recognized leader in naval architecture and marine engineering.


With offices in the US, Brazil, Chile, China and Germany, GPA developed into an independent, full-service naval architecture and marine engineering company that since 1979 has helped vessel owners and shipyards navigate through complex newbuild, retrofit and repair projects.


Our extensive design portfolio includes over 200 offshore vessels, workboats, passenger vessels and fishing vessels constructed for commercial owners worldwide and governmental institutions.


GPA employs a wide range of top professionals to work on all phases of your project, from conceptual design and feasibility studies, to developing solutions to complex engineering problems requiring specialized skills and software. Our solid team consists of over 60 professionals, including naval architects, marine engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers and administrative support.


GPA has established a reputation of building collaborative relationships with vessel owners, shipyards and suppliers in order to capitalize on the expertise each party brings to a project.  Operators and shipyards benefit from cost-efficient design methods, resulting in custom-built designs that meet specific operational requirements.


Renowned worldwide for its work and achievements in the naval architecture and marine engineering world, GPA is also recognized for being an independent and neutral opinion in the industry.



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